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Animal Protection Voters
New Mexico Legislative Scorecards

We know that New Mexicans are concerned about animals and appreciate legislative leaders who value animals in our society. That’s why Animal Protection Voters created this scorecard—so that voters across the state can determine if their legislators share their humane values.


The APV Scorecard grades legislators based on how they voted on a number of animal protection bills and memorials introduced during this particular session. We want to give legislators credit for stopping harmful bills during the committee process, so we’ve included a number of committee votes this year. The final score represents the percentage of time that a legislator voted to protect animals when given the opportunity.

While useful, the scores included here provide only one facet of each legislator’s stance on animal protection issues. Legislators can work behind the scenes to either kill or promote a bill. Committee chairs can help or hamper a bill’s progress and likelihood of success. Moreover, legislators don’t get to vote on every issue. Please keep all this in mind when reviewing this valuable document!

Archived scorecards:

2013 Scorecard
2012 Scorecard
2011 Scorecard
2010 Scorecard
2009 Scorecard
2007 Scorecard
2006 Scorecard
2005 Scorecard
2004 Scorecard
2003 Scorecard

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